Information about Equestrian Carsonites

on the Greenway Trails 

Example of an equestrian carsonite.

I've had a few people question the Equestrian carsonites and I wanted to put a little information out. There is also information on the back of the Kiosks on the Equestrian side about these sign posts (Carsonites)…

This is an example of a typical trail marker on an equestrian trail. All equestrian trails are marked with a white post. Usually, there are stickers at the top displaying the Cross Florida Greenway emblem along with…

-Trail courtesy stating the rules of etiquette in regard to user groups yielding right-of -way to other user groups

-Horse symbol a confidence marker to verify the type of trail you are using

-colored sticker with a number symbol inset these correspond to the trail key information describing each trails orientation and characteristics

-directional arrow this corresponds to the colored sticker above (or sometimes below) and shows which direction the trail goes forward from this location

- Emergency location number (in this example E50) which corresponds to a GPS coordinate. In the event of an emergency this letter/number combination can be relayed to 911 to allow rescue teams to more closely pinpoint your location along the trail and speed up rescue efforts. Please make an effort to observe and remember these location numbers as you ride along as a precaution in the event of an emergency call to 911.

**please note that in some areas of the Greenway, the emergency location numbering system has not been completed. Always check the informational kiosks at your trailhead before riding out onto the trails, this is an ongoing project and we are working hard to complete this task as soon as possible!!**

Written by Bre Ximenes, Trails and Volunteer Coordinator at Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.  Excerpted from the Greenway Trails Facebook page.

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